1. What are the requirements prescribed by TSV Fund to be met by applicants?

Apart from having an innovative idea, it is necessary to have a pre-formed team, which, in addition to expertise and skills, shares enthusiasm, and it is committed to the same goal and is guided by the desire for progress.

2. What are the most important characteristics of the team?

Functionality and operability of the team and equal contribution of knowledge and expertise, therefore the project could progress and ideas and goals could be implemented.

3. What project is considered appropriate to be supported by TSV Fund?

One that can offer an original solution to a particular problem, to contribute to the improvement of the existing situation and results in the market, and which can continue to develop in the future.

4. Is it necessary for the product being the subject of investment application to be new or already in use, placed on the market?

TSV financially supports startups at an early stage of development, therefore the chances are higher if you apply with an already developed project that has some additional indicators based on which it instills confidence in the investment.

5. What should the project offer in order to apply for TSV Fund support?

It should offer innovative and technologically developed solutions, which are different and have the potential to bring a new way of doing business in their area, industry, and even in the entire market.

6. What does the project that establishes cooperation with TSV Fund get?

In addition to certain investment amount, there is also professional support for further work and development of the project as well as assistance in expanding the network of contacts that can contribute to the progress of your project in the future.

7. How can I apply for TSV Fund investment?

Simply by filling out the application on TSV Fund website. Then, the applicants with the best proposals are to be interviewed, which is followed by final evaluation of the entire project, its potential, as well as an assessment of the investment criteria fulfilled.

8. What is the amount of investment provided by TSV Fund?

The amount of an individual investment is not predetermined and depends on several factors such as the innovation of the startup idea itself, the scalability potential and the assessment of market growth potential.