We understand how important support is at an early stage in the development of any business or technology vision. That is why we will finance strong ideas, which lead to rapid and major transformations, for the benefit of society in all areas of life.

We believe that our visionaries with great ideas deserve a chance for rapid development, too. That is why we want to give our people the opportunity to implement those ideas for which it is difficult to obtain funds on the market.

“With no support or financial investment innovations would remain just sketches, ideas or wishes, but with strong support and advice given by experts from various fields of business, they become a reality and improve millions of lives around the world surprisingly quickly.

By our example and with great investments, we will inspire and move our people to go for and further implement their ideas.

Any innovative idea is welcome in TS Ventures Fund and that is why we expect you to apply!”

Davor Sakač
Chief Executive Officer


Did you come up with an idea that has the potential to become an innovation that will change the world tomorrow? We are ready to hear it and you should go for it and apply!

Fill out the application on our site and ensure funds that will help you make your idea become more than just a conception or a sketch made on paper and get the opportunity for complete realization.

TS Ventures Fund connects ideas, investments and innovations and is waiting for your ideas!

Apart from initial investment, we have also provided advisory support as well as significant connection with key investors, valuable for new opportunities and further growth.

We are ready for your great ideas!
Get moving, go for it and apply!